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iron monkey: taking a sludgecore hammer to their sabbath albums with a dose of sick and evil sub-human throat annihilation

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Here are all the Iron Monkey releases to date. There's a sample of each song which can be downloaded, simply by clicking on the song title. The samples are in wav format but are zipped files, only because they are fairly long samples. So if you haven't got WinZip, you have to get it here. Don't forget these are only samples so if you want to hear the whole thing you'll have to buy the albums.



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Title: Iron Monkey.

Label: Earache.

Format: CD EP.

Track Listing: Fink Dial, Web Of Piss, Big Loader, 666 Pack, Black Aspirin, Shrimp Fist.





Title: Our Problem.

Label: Earache.

Format: CD.

Track Listing: Bad Year, Supagorgonizer, Boss Keloid, I.R.M.S., House Anxiety, 2 Golden Rules,            9 Joint Spiritual Whip, *Bonus Track*.




Title: We've Learned Nothing.

Label: Man's Ruin.

Format: 10".

Track Listing: The proper track listing is Sleep to Win, Arsonaut, Kiss of Death. Not as Arsonaut, Kiss Of Death, Sleep To Win as its listed on the album.



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